Monday, 1 June 2015

Fake and Bogus Paper published in an ISI Journal with very high impact factor: "SCIENCE" (Source: NEW YORK TIMES


Fake and Bogus Paper published in an ISI Journal with very high impact factor: "SCIENCE"
This journal (SCIENCE) retracted a highly publicized study reporting that attitudes toward same-sex marriage could be altered by brief face-to-face conversations with people who have a stake in the issue.
The study, published by the journal Science in December, came under question this month when a pair of graduate students trying to follow up on the work found evidence that the data had been misrepresented.
The study’s senior author, Donald P. Green, a prominent political scientist at Columbia University, asked that the study be retracted last week, after his co-author, Michael J. LaCour, a graduate student in political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, declined to furnish the raw data he had used to reach his conclusions.
Mr. LaCour did not agree to the retraction, the journal said. He could not be reached for comment.
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  1. A great number of bogus SCIgen papers have been accepted in these organizations:

    1. IEEE

    2. IARIA

    3. HIGHSCI


    5. IEEE Computational Intelligence

    6. IEEE Sensors

    Try to find details via Google!!!!

    Many fake papers in IEEE really during the last 5 years!
    No doubt about the unreliability of IEEE then.
    The major problem of IEEE is called IARIA in my opinion, however, many other Conferences of IEEE (not only those that are co-organized by IARIA) are absolutely garbage. For example, IEEE conference in Istanbul, Turkey that distributed "gold diplomas" to everybody, IEEE fake conference of IEEE Computational Intelligence Division, IEEE junk conference on Sensors in New Zeland (October 2009) and many many others.....