Saturday, 20 June 2015

Another blog had discovered some years ago 42 parallel absolutely fake/bogus IEEE Conferences

Today our blog discovered a cluster of 30 simultaneously and in parallel organized fake/bogus/scam IEEE Conferences

Another blog had discovered some years ago 42 parallel   absolutely fake/bogus IEEE Conferences

The moderators of this blog justified their opinion as follows
These 42 parallel IEEE conferences are fake and bogus
1. Because it is over-advertized by SPAM
2. Spam Emails are sent from various and strange non-academic addresses like,
3. In their emails they start with the phrase: "Apologies for cross-posting of the email."
4. So far, the majority of conferences is on the web without committee
5. Some of these conference have committee but they do not have serious committees with serious researchers.
5. Thys conferences is composed by 42 Conferences on everything related directly or indirectly with computational intelligence. The bogus IEEE conferences are listed below
6. Explanations about the review process are absent.

Now, IEEE hosts 30 scam, sham, fake, bogus conferences (See more details here:
Why so many? Because of money. This the site
of the 30 Fake/Bogus IEEE Conferences. What an academic robberry! And of course, the logo of the conference is a Beach somewhere in S.Africa. What a Science in front of coco palms! IEEE coco palms. Will you index also these coco palms in your IEEE Xplore Bogus Library?? IEEE is a predatory and brigandish club of evil money hungry thugs.  The following ridiculous Advertisement from 30 fake and Bogus IEEE Conferences spammed everybody in our University. Why? We are not members of IEEE.

Why have you changed 4 times the deadline for paper submission? Haven't you reached your target of 2000 papers yet which is translated to 1.7 million dollars?And where are the list of Reviewers, Mr. IEEE? Is it real that IEEE has been accepted more than 100 fake/bogus machine generator papers and had published then in its E-library for more than 10 years until Cyril Labbe contacted you?


  1. 99% of the IEEE conferences are bogus.
    Their organizers are money hungry professors
    IEEE is the Guru of Fake
    Conferences and champion of academic scam
    Do not spoil your resume by submitting your papers in this
    bogus IEEE conferences

    IEEE is a Wolf in a Sheep's skin.

    We challenge IEEE to openly publish the names and
    affiliation details of the reviewers for thousands of
    research papers submitted to IEEE for the last
    10 years. We also challenge IEEE to openly
    publish all the reviews (after removing authors
    identification details) for all the thousands of research
    papers submitted to IEEE for the last 10 years.

    Do not spoil your resume by publishing in the fake IEEE conferences


  2. You are right. Hindawi publishers are also fake and bogus . Hindawi is quite ridiculous commercial for-profit company. It is true that Hindawi had 100 fake Journals and these Journals lost their ISI Indexing and lost their Impact Factor. Yes, I completely and absolutely agree that Hindawi Journals are fake independently on their Indexing

  3. Do not forget the thousand bogus SCIgen papers that IEEE conferences have accepted and published
    Some of them were not identified and were on-line in IEEE Xplore for more than 5 years
    Check it
    Richard Van Noorden