Friday, 29 May 2015

ASME Bogus Conferences. If you do not believe it, read the following story regarding these fake activities of ASME

ASME Bogus Conferences: The absolutely fake conferences in academia and see why.

As you know our blog do not sell protection to big publishers.
We have revealed (with strong documents) the hunderds  of IEEE garbage-conferences
See also 1100 fake and bogus IEEE conferences have been indentified recently

ASME Fake Conferences
ASME Conferences are also fake. They operate as commercial exhibitions rather than scientific events.
Our blog have discovered and have reported many times that those big ASME conferences of 2000 or 2000 individuals do not offer any kind of review.
Now we have the Proof:

Fluid mechanics article retracted with no explanation. It was a Fake Paper from an ASME Conference in Fluid Mechanics.

Fluid mechanics article retracted with no explanation.
It was a Fake Paper from an ASME Conference in
Fluid Mechanics.

An article published earlier this year has been retracted from the  Journal of Heat Transfer.
But the retraction notice gives no information about what was amiss.
The article is entitled “Neural Network Methodology for Modeling Heat Transfer in Wake Flow,”
and the retraction notice, in full, reads:
The above referenced paper is being retracted from the Journal of Heat Transfer.
We are unable to find a copy of the article online, despite the fact that the Committee on Publication
Ethics (COPE) recommends leaving retracted articles available online.
We contacted the manager of journals for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME),
the journal’s publisher (who is listed as the author of the retraction), as well as the journal’s editor,
but have received no reply. We also reached out to the first and last authors,
located at university engineering departments in Turkey and Bahrain,
who we were able to identify in a listing on a Chinese library search engine.
We’ll circle back if anyone responds with more information.
The article has not been cited.


  1. Dear Colleagues,

    We would like to draw your attention to an immense academic fraud that is going on. An organization called WASET pretends to organize an impressive number of scientific conferences.

    However, there is evidence these conferences are not really what they are supposed to be.

    Just as an example, they are pretending to organize the 13th International Conference on Gas Geochemistry, in Bangkok in 2015 . They also produced a Conference flyer by collating information from the website of the previous real ICGGs. The real 13th ICGG will actually be organized in Chengdu, China by Dr. Yunpeng Wang from Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015, as a follow-up of the 12th ICGG that was held in Patras, Greece. The website of ICGG 13 is

    Probably most of the conferences advertised on the WASET website are in the same situation. By browsing the internet, you can find many complaints of scientists that paid a registration fee to a WASET conference that never happened, and have lost their money.

    It is most likely that the Committee members that are listed on the WASET conferences websites are not aware of this. As an example, I was looking for a person named Zsuzsanna Libor from Cranfield University, included in the Conference Committee of the fake ICGG13. It seems this person has no interest in gas geochemistry, and it is not clear if she still is with Cranfield University. If you search on Google “zsuzsanna libor waset”, you will find at least 20 WASET “conferences” that are listing her as a Committee member.

    The scientific community should be warned about this practice, in order to avoid any inconvenience related to this.

    The International Scientific Committee of ICGG
    The local organization committee of ICGG 13


  2. I agree that SIAM and ACM, but also ASME conferences are fake. For example, SIAM has very good journals, but in the SIAM conferences you can pass any paper (even SCigen) provided that you will pay their high fees. SIAM conferences are predatory and no well organized. I was in a SIAM conference. The Secretariat arrived at 11:00 instead of 08:30 as they had promised. The second and the third day of the conference no chairmen was there and we did not have any coffee-break in the 2nd and 3rd day of this crappy SIAM event

  3. A great number of bogus SCIgen papers have been accepted in these organizations:

    1. IEEE

    2. IARIA

    3. HIGHSCI


    5. IEEE Computational Intelligence

    6. IEEE Sensors

    Try to find details via Google!!!!

    Many fake papers in IEEE really during the last 5 years!
    No doubt about the unreliability of IEEE then.
    The major problem of IEEE is called IARIA in my opinion, however, many other Conferences of IEEE (not only those that are co-organized by IARIA) are absolutely garbage. For example, IEEE conference in Istanbul, Turkey that distributed "gold diplomas" to everybody, IEEE fake conference of IEEE Computational Intelligence Division, IEEE junk conference on Sensors in New Zeland (October 2009) and many many others.....