Tuesday, 24 March 2015

University of Toronto agrees that WASET conferences are fake. Our blog fakeconferences.blogspot.com has warned the academic community very early about the fake / bogus organization WASET

Fake Conference Advertisement

Phishing AdvisoryIt has come to our attention that a false event (ICCSET) has been advertised as taking place at Chestnut Residence on June 15 and 16, 2015.   A notice about this scam advisory has been placed on Chestnut’s Official Website at this link.  
The website in question, waset.org, appears to be fake, although very elaborate in nature. The scam targets academics internationally, gathering papers, fees, registration information, and potentially other personal information.
ITS has identified 86 more websites hosted on the same IP address, and they all appear to be associated with academics in one fashion or another.  At this time, it is unclear if all the aforementioned websites are malicious in nature.  

What can you do about this?

ITS asks all IT professionals to please inform faculty about this (and similar) scams.  Although this scam does not appear to be new, it does not seem to have the visibility amongst its potential victims that it should.

If you visited this website and provided information, please contact your local IT support for further assistance

Source:  http://main.its.utoronto.ca/news/fake-conference-advertisement/

However our blog fakeconferences.blogspot.com has warned the academic community very early about the fake / bogus  organization WASET:


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  1. Very good! See these news from Brazil:

    'Slot Machines' Scientific Events Worries Brazilian Scientists

    See also:

    "The almost absolute silence of Brazilian researchers in relation to predatory journals is due not only to the complicity or the risk of embarrassment with those who use this type of publication. The biggest problem is the holes that they reveal in the the Qualis [database of the federal agency CAPES, of the Ministry of Education].

    These holes expose an important part of the performance evaluation system as a whole. And, based on this system, in recent years, not only academic careers and reputations were built, but also investments were made and institutional priorities were established."

    From: "The Qualis and the silence of the Brazilian researchers” (April 1st)

    Last update: "Brazilian graduate system counts now 235 predatory journals (April 3rd)