Friday, 2 January 2015

One more proof for the fraud of the ISI (Thomson Reuters). Fake, Bogus, Commercial, Scam Index. Big crimes of the ISI Index. Do you still respect the ISI index and its commercial (just for money -- like IEEE) indexing??

IDOSI, a well-known bogus and low-quality publisher, a vanity press, has tided over 7 bogus and fake Journals indexed in ... ISI (The real ISI, that of Thomson Reuters!)
Obviously IDOSI bribed the ISI and contrived a questionable ISI Indexing for its 7 fake Journals. Check it yourself

The worst of all is that ISI did not notice that, instead of offices, IDOSI (a company of a Pakistanian Individual) uses a P.O. Box in ... Dubai, because IDOSI is actually an offshore company in Dubai.
Check it:

The fake and bogus (but ISI indexed Journals) of IDOSI can be found here

Actually, these are the usual big crimes of the ISI Index. 

Pay and Index your Journal(s) and your vanity press - scam publisher in ISI. It is easy, now!

Do you still respect the ISI index and its commercial (just for money -- like IEEE) indexing??

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  1. Congratulations. You did a great job. Your site is really objective. I think that you must include in your black list the fake conferences
    of BIT Life Sciences
    Check them:


    More fake-scientific-conference spam from BIT Life Sciences

    Would you pay to go to a fake "scientific conference" in China where speakers were invited at random? What if the scientists they list as speakers hadn't actually agreed to speak? That seems to be the business model of BIT Life Sciences. For example, "Knut Buttnase" got invited to chair a session based on an abstract and CV that were obviously fake.

    They're getting more sophisticated, though. They're still inviting me to speak on topics I know nothing about -- "Fungal Bioenergy", most recently -- but their software now inserts the title of a recent paper into the email.
    "Since we have learnt that you are making valuable contributions to INSERT TITLE HERE, your unique inspirational message will be the perfect way to kick off the congress."
    I guess the idea is that, if 5% of the people they email have some connection to the conference topic, some of those people will be fooled into signing up. But that might not work, for people who have already received lots of spam from them. Also, anyone who Googles "BIT Life Sciences" would hesitate to send them money. So I predict that their next move will be to change their name.