Sunday, 28 September 2014

University of Minnesota: Would IEEE really sponsor a fake scientific conference?

University of Minnesota in one of its web pages writes:

Would IEEE really sponsor a fake scientific conference? Check it yourself here

Would IEEE really sponsor a fake scientific conference?

University of Minnesota writes:

The email was typical fake-scientific-conference-in-China spam: "we courteously invite you to deliver a Plenary Speech" as a "leading authority" in a field where I have no expertise. I've gotten several of these from "BIT Life Sciences."
This time, though, IEEE, a (formerly?) respectable engineering organization, was listed as a sponsor. I assumed the scam was using IEEE's name without permission, but the "6th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering " is actually listed on the IEEE web site. Apparently, IEEE has been involved in many fake conferences, which have, for example, accepted papers that are computer-generated garbage. Sad.
Not all conferences in China are fake -- I went to one a few years ago that was excellent, and am scheduled to speak at another -- and fake conferences are presumably held in other countries as well. China does seem to be afflicted with more than its share, though. Maybe it's harder to sue there, or something.
UPDATE -- someone left a comment with links to a blog suggesting that IEEE sponsors many fake conferences. Unfortunately, I had to delete the comment, because it linked to a blog attributing my concerns to "The University of Minnesota." The views presented here are my own, and not official positions of the university.


Don't jump to the conclusion so quickly that China seems to be afflicted with more than its share. The "problem" is caused by few people.
BIT Life Sciences is a private company and it is not associated to any scientific organization or research institute in China. It is doing the business! If you don't like it, set up your spam filter to get rid of its e-mails.
I did a quick search of Chinese web pages and found no negative comments with BIT Life Science. Instead, SCIRP is currently at the center of controversy. SCIRP publishes many online-only journals and also organizes conferences (some with IEEE involved!). If you look at its website (, you will find out that it is a company registered in the US. But physically it is located in China. If they publish printed journal articles without registration in China, it would be certainly illegible. However, for online publication, and especially when a foreign company is involved, there are some complexities in term of regulation.

Dr. Zhang,
Thanks for your comments. All of the inappropriate (i.e., random) speaking invitations I've gotten recently have been for meetings in China. But, as you suggest, none of them have been sponsored by Chinese research institutes. So these scams don't reflect badly on legitimate Chinese scientists or their institutions.

I am surprised that so many scientist are obsessed with the number of publications, maybe those organizations took advantage of this to make illegal money!

A conference is an awfully weird thing to fake. Very few people actually pay attention to those!

Yes I don't know how you can fake a conference.

Yes, IEEE sponsors several conferences. Some of them (with tha name and the logo of IEEE in the book) are really fake. These IEEE conferences have published many SCIgen Fake papers!!!

The IEEE did not give the registration back to a disabled person. Read more:

I do not understand what "fake conference" could mean. Papers are submitted, and actually presented. Then there is an hefty amount of money to pay to have the thing published in Xplore.
To me, that is not fake. IEEE is just proven to be a pathetic place that lives on its remaining reputation to get some dough, but this is not a rip-off. At most it is just largely below academic standards.

I do not agree with the previous commentor.
One more example is the IEEE fake conference

They claim that they have:
"Review duration: 15-20 days after submission"
Check it
How can a serious conference with hundred of papers to make review of all these papers within 15 days?
Our conclusion that seems to be the standard for the majority of IEEE is:
The IEEE conferences do not have any review. They work only for money
Google: IEEE fake papers
or IEEE Junk Conferences or IEEE bogus or IEEE scam

Fake IEEE MED conferences:
These conferences are organized by the "Mediterranean Control Association"
However, this "Association" is a Company based in USA by a Greek Professor.
We sent them two papers describing the equipment of our laboratory.
We copied the manual of Inverted Pendulum and we got the acceptance letter after
some days. So, for sure include in your fake conferences list the
Fake IEEE MED conferences

All the IEEE Conferences (organized by IEEE itselfor sponsored or co-sponsored or technically cosponsored by IEEE) are fake, junk, garbage, bogus, scam conferences.
Some of these conferences run only in the 1st or the 1st and 2nd day only and then they close. Obviously they try to save money from their hotel financial obligations.
IEEE, ACM, ASME and SIAM Conferences evaluate only the Abstract of the papers, even for the conferences that they claim evaluation on the full text.
have numerous times accepted and published SCIgen (automatically generated texts). Only for the IEEE, the Central Administration of IEEE found 1100 Conferences with fake, SCIgen papers.
Try yourself googling:
IEEE bogus
ASME bogus
SIAM bogus
ACM bogus
or visit

I participated in many IEEE Conferences in Malaysia and Singapore. I published 8 common papers and I had never received any comment, any remark, any question from IEEE, except sometime in 2011, that I got some minor remark about the format of my paper. These IEEE Conferences in Malaysia and Singapore are of dubious quality and maybe they are good schemes for making money for their organizers. We call them bogus, fake.
Dr Suhaidi Hassan
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Complaints and Reports for Fake Review in Hindawi Journals (They Publish also Fake Conference Proceedings)

Complaints and Reports for Fake Review in Hindawi Journals (They Publish also Fake Conference Proceedings)

In the Blog
we read: 
Hindawi journals are fake journals of the worst kind. They do not have Editor-in-Chief. Secretariats (some girls in Egypt) are authorized to review papers.
They have a fake address in USA to cheat people. Do not trust Hindawi. They have retract many papers. Hindawi is really a junk publisher. Hindawi also accept very easily rejected papers from conferences. Stay away from this academic-commercial house: Hindawi. It is fake and bogus.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

More fake-scientific-conference spam from BIT Life Sciences

More fake-scientific-conference spam from BIT Life Sciences

Would you pay to go to a fake "scientific conference" in China where speakers were invited at random? What if the scientists they list as speakers hadn't actually agreed to speak? That seems to be the business model of BIT Life Sciences. For example, "Knut Buttnase" got invited to chair a session based on an abstract and CV that were obviously fake.
They're getting more sophisticated, though. They're still inviting me to speak on topics I know nothing about -- "Fungal Bioenergy", most recently -- but their software now inserts the title of a recent paper into the email. 
"Since we have learnt that you are making valuable contributions to INSERT TITLE HERE, your unique inspirational message will be the perfect way to kick off the congress."
I guess the idea is that, if 5% of the people they email have some connection to the conference topic, some of those people will be fooled into signing up. But that might not work, for people who have already received lots of spam from them. Also, anyone who Googles "BIT Life Sciences" would hesitate to send them money. So I predict that their next move will be to change their name.
They are listing some real scientists as speakers. Apparently they've done that in the past, without bothering to make sure the claimed speakers were in the right field. The speakers they're listing now look OK, but the one I checked with emails that:
"I didn't agree to speak, after they invited me I declined citing lack of funds to justify such a trip and they offered to waive the conference fee [maybe they get kickbacks from the hotel? -- Ford] only so I said no. I guess I should ask them to take my name of their list."
I'll update this post if they actually remove his name. If not, they're not only spammers, but guilty of fraud.
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Fake Journals sent us this SPAM. We strongly recommend you to avoid any relation with this kind of Fake Journals and this Junk, India-based, Publisher.

Fake Journals sent us this SPAM. We strongly recommend you to avoid any relation with this kind of Fake Journals and this Junk, India-based, Publisher.

Their SPAM:

(Replies will be acknowledged only on the mail, so kindly do not reply on the present or any other e-mail id, as the same will not be considered at all)

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EBSCO Publishing, U.S.A.;
Cabell's Directories of Publishing Opp., U.S.A.;
Open J-Gate, India [link of the same is duly available at Inflibnet of University Grants Commission (U.G.C.)];
The American Economic Association's electronic bibliography, EconLit, U.S.A.; 1st &3rd journal
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