Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Concordia University in Montreal dismissed Adjunct Professor Petre Dini, owner of IARIA

Concordia University in Montreal dismissed Adjunct Petre Dini, owner of IARIA as one anonymous commentor says here http://fakeconferences.blogspot.com/2014/10/what-is-reliability-of-isi-itself.html#comment-form
It is true. I try to find the name Petre Dini in the web pages of Concordia University in Montreal but I did not find anything
His name was in this page
but now it is not.


  1. Petre Dini has been organizing fake IARIA andfake IEEE conferences for more than ten years. He has also blackmailed by Jeffrey Beall. So for these two reasons maybe Petre Dini is not adjunct professor in any university. The next step for Petre Dini is to establish his own fake bogus university

  2. WASET, the World Association of Science, Engineering and Technology, organizes conferences somewhere in the world every few days, but they’re low-quality affairs at which anyone can register a paper on anything.

    To dress it up, WASET offers conferences with names the same or similar to real conferences organized by real scientific groups. Recently, WASET put on an International Conference on Educational Data Mining. The real version belongs to the International Educational Data Mining Society.

    In October alone, the Turkey-based WASET has set up conferences in Bali, Brussels, Osaka, London, Paris, Dubai, Barcelona and Istanbul. Each will cover dozens of fields — aviation, agriculture, business management, linguistics, mathematics, pedagogy, biology, law, medicine, computer engineering, nanoscience, history, civil engineering, geology, chemistry, ecology and on and on.

    Anyone who presents a paper pays 500 euros, roughly $700, (and 100 euros more if they want the paper published.)

    It is tough to shut down groups like WASET. It is not against the law to stage a conference with the same name as another, and even if authorities were to go after such operators, they are hard to identify and could easily pop up under a new name a week later. WASET has scheduled 103 conferences for next year, mostly in Western Europe and two in Canada. In most cases, universities pay for the travel.
    Canadian academics like to say that we don’t get fooled by scams. But at the University of King’s College in Halifax, science historian Gordon McOuat noted that his university has had to cancel travel plans of faculty wanting to attend scam conferences.