Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spam from the Predatory, Fake, Bogus, Aggressive, Mock, Scam, Felonious: WORLD SCIENTIFIC and IMPERIAL COLLEGE PRESS

New Spam from the Predatory, Fake, Bogus, Aggressive, Mock, Scam, Felonious: WORLD SCIENTIFIC and IMPERIAL COLLEGE PRESS.
  • a) These are commercial companies with one target ONLY: the Profit

  • b) No real peer review. They publish conference proceedings of the worst kind 

  • c)They have published more than 250 SCIgen Fake papers (ie garbage papers from SCIgen MIT Students' machine

  • d) Many of their journals are without Editor-in-Chief (exactly as the bogus Hindawi Company)

New Spam from the Predatory, Fake, Bogus, Aggressive, Mock, Scam, Felonious: WORLD SCIENTIFIC and IMPERIAL COLLEGE PRESS
Series on Quality, Reliability and Engineering Statistics: Volume 12
Encyclopedia and Handbook of Process Capability Indices
A Comprehensive Exposition of Quality Control Measures

by W. L. Pearn (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan) & Samuel Kotz (George Washington University, USA)hardcover:
US$166 / £110 / S$220
US$124.50 / £82.50 / S$165
US$125 / £83 / S$165
US$93.75 / £62.25 / S$123.75

till 10 April 2014
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 This unique volume provides an up-to-date and detailed description of the various process capability indices widely (and sometimes misleadingly) used in the applications at production sites. The authors, who are internationally recognized experts in this area with numerous contributions to the field, provide a lucid exposition, which covers all the main aspects, developments and advances. » more
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