Friday, 4 October 2013

Have you ever seen a conference without Chairman, without Committee, without Reviewers, but with the Official Support and Sponsorship of IEEE?

Have you ever seen a conference without Chairman, without Committee, without Reviewers, but with the Official Support and Sponsorship of IEEE? If not, this is the case:
One more bogus IEEE Conference that is promoted by SPAM (what else?)

Do you want to find a conference that accepts everything? Do you want to pad your CV with a junk IEEE publication? If yes, then this is the appropriate conference

Therefore, we doubt if only 85 SCIgen (garbage) papers exist in IEEE Explore Data base
We strongly believe that the number of SCIgen (garbage) papers in  IEEE Explore Digital Library are much higher. maybe more than 500.

"85 computer generated papers exist in IEEE Explore Data base. Check it yourself by reading the following research article by some French Scholars: "


  1. These Famous French Professors have completely destroyed the Name and the Reputation oin the IEEE data a very big number of fake papers was published. They published their results in a Journal of Springer Verlag and you can read it now:


    Cyril Labb´e
    Universit´e Joseph Fourier
    Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble

    Dominique Labb´e
    Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Grenoble

  2. It is amazing how a (former?) reputable technical digital library (IEEE) contains dozens of machine generated (SCIgen) fake papers.
    Also, IEEE confessed that 157 Conferences with the Proceedings already inserted and recorded in IEEE Xplore were ... fake conferences. See the confession in the IEEE Site:

    This scientific article has been published in a reputable Springer Verlag journal:
    The authors have proven that in IEEE Xplore data there are now at least 85 fake SCIgen papers.
    SCIgen is a program that generates random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations.
    It has been proven that many Bogus IEEE Conferences feed the IEEE Explore Library with many fake SCIgen papers each year.
    So, the IEEE Digital Library (IEEE Xplore) overflows of hundreds of machine ganerated (SCIgen) articles. These are some typical examples
    Details and discussion of what happened are still here:
    If more than 85 SCIgen fake papers can be found at the moment in IEEE Digital Library, then anybody can assume
    a) There is no quality control in IEEE Conferences (Google: Bogus IEEE Conferences)
    b) IEEE Headquarters do not review the CD-ROM Proceedings or USB Proceedings of the local IEEE organizers.
    So, how can we trust IEEE if they host in their digital library so many bogus, fake conference proceedings?
    what about this:
    We have the Letter of acceptance: A fantastic paper accepted in an IEEE Conference: A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education:

  3. Fake Conferences OMICS. Bogus Conferences OMICS. Junk Conferences OMICS. Scary and funny: fake researcher Peter Uhnemann on OMICS group Editorial Board #Journal SPAM
    Many out there know there are journals out there that border on SPAM. I have written about this often before (e.g., see For $&%# sake, Bentham Open Journals, leave me alone and Yet another SPAMMY Science publisher: Scientific and Academic Publishing and The Tree of Life: Really sick of Bentham Open Spam) as have many others (e.g., Open and Shut?: The Open Access Interviews: Matthew Honan and Academic spam and open access publishing - Per Ola Kristensson). UPDATE: forgot to include this link: Science SPAMMER of the month: OMICS publishing group But this one takes the cake.

    There is a journal called "Molecular Biology" from the OMICS Publishing Group (for more on this publisher see Open and Shut?:

    The Open Access Interviews: OMICS Publishing ...).

    It seems new - as I cannot find any publications - but you never know - maybe they have been around a while and just have not gotten any submissions.

    But I recommend everyone check out their Editorial Board. In addition to listing Peter Deusberg (the controversial HIV denialist) there is an amazing person on their Board - Peter Uhnemann.

    He is listed as being from the "Department of Oximology at Daniel-Duesentrieb Institute, Germany". Sounds a bit strange right?

    Well check out his Bio

    And check out his research interests

    It is pretty wacky right? Well it turns out, as some might have guessed - it is made up. The reason I know this is - is that Burkhard Morgenstern from the University of Goettingen let me know (in fact he is the one who alerted me to the whole story).

    He sent me something he wrote on Facebook which I am posting here:

    I'm delighted to inform you that Peter Uhnemann from the
 Daniel-Duesentrieb Institute in Germany was just appointed
 editor of the OMICS journal "Molecular Biology":

    For those of you who don't know Peter Uhnemann: he is a fake
 person invented by the German satirical magazine Titanic.
 They created an FB account for him to make fun of social
 networks (he soon befriended on FB with various German

    For those of you who don't know Daniel Duesentrieb: this is
 the German name of the Walt Disney comic figure Gyro Gearloose.

    For those of you who don't know the OMICS journals: these
 are junk journals spamming around invitations to join their
 editorial boards.
    On their web page they say that

 "election of the “right” editor for a journal is one of the
 most important decisions made by OMICS Publishing Group ...
 Editors, Executive Editors & Editor-in- Chief of journals
 must be senior researchers, e.g. chaired professors."

 As it looks, Peter Uhnemann from the Daniel-Duesentrieb
 Institute meets these criteria.

    It is both hilarious and a bit terrifying. Now - mind you - it is possible that this journal could end up with some papers worth looking at. But clearly, the Editorial process at this journal is probably going to be a bit, well, circumspect.

  4. Hamid Arabnia

    Everyone knows that your WORLDCOMP is a fake conference. If you argue that it is not fake then answer the open challenge in Section 6 of the websites or

    You already accumulated millions of dollars for the last 15 years from innocent researchers using your fake conference WORLDCOMP. Still you are not satisfied with that wealth and running this conference in 2013 also. Why are you hiding behind the scenes? Why don’t you list your name and University of Georgia (UGA) affiliation and UGA email address at the “contact” link of WORLDCOMP?

    You deserve a honorary Ph.D. from MIT for your great skill of cheating (you cheated millions of researchers for more than 10 years, which was not an ordinary task).

    It is really funny to see that you managed to gather barely around 50 program committee members (many of them are from some of the lowest level schools on earth and some of them have masters degrees as their highest academic qualifications) for more than 20 international conferences together! The only contact address at WORLDCOMP is an email address (no person’s name or affiliation). Are you not feeling shameful for these? Any kind of participation in your fake conference is in fact damage the resume rather than helping in any manner and this is the reason why many (or any) qualified researchers (except for some innocent researchers) didn’t join your conference as program committee member!

    Did you ever search Google using the keyword worldcomp fake (or Hamid Arabnia fake). Do you think you are bringing any honor to the University of Georgia?

    Did you see the website ? As you can see from this website, you already lost a lawsuit. Now you filed another lawsuit on hushmail: Are you spending your time educating students at UGA or for filing lawsuits?

    Can you answer why DBLP stopped indexing your fake conference since 2011?

    How long you want to damage this entire planet with your fake conference?

    You extended the paper submission and registration fee deadlines many times. You are a money hungry thug! We challenge you to provide your response to this email at your fake conference, WORLDCOMP, website if you have any values!

  5. Fake Conferences CSCI and WORLDCOMP of Hamid Arabnia

    Hamid Arabnia from University of Georgia is well known for his fake WORLDCOMP
    conferences or Hamid Arabnia understood that he cannot
    deceive researchers anymore using his WORLDCOMP.

    Hamid Arabnia (Guru of Fake Conferences and champion of academic scam) has
    recently started 2014 International Conference on Computational Science and
    Computational Intelligence (CSCI'14) to deceive
    researchers further. CSCI'14 is started under the title of “American Council
    on Science and Education” which is a dummy corporation (does not exist
    anywhere in the world). Hamid Arabnia buried his name in the list of names
    of other innocent steering and program committee members of CSCI’14 to avoid
    any special attention. He knows that if his name is given any special
    attention then researchers immediately know that the conference is fake
    due to his “track record” with WORLDCOMP. Hamid Arabnia (the money hungry
    beast) spoiled the reputations and careers of many authors and committee
    members involved in his infamous WORLDCOMP for more than a decade and he
    is now ready to do the same using CSCI.

    Interestingly, CSCI is scheduled to be held at the same venue where
    WORLDCOMP was held until 2012. Hamid Arabnia claimed that CSCI proceedings
    will be published by IEEE but no one knows if IEEE really publishes.
    Many scholars have already sent emails to IEEE protesting for the
    unethical behavior of Hamid Arabnia and for the new series of his bogus
    conferences CSCI.

    CSCI paper submission deadline will be extended multiple times as usual.
    Do not spoil your resume by submitting your papers in this bogus
    conference CSCI which will not be held beyond 2014.

    Many researchers cheated by Hamid Arabnia conferences