Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fake, Commercial and Tourist Conference from ASME. No Peer Review. Why does ASME send this aggressive Spam? Why don't they make peer review in the papers? Why don't they have quality control for their conferences? Why many sites and numerous blogs tag ASME conferences as fake and bogus?

The following SPAM was sent by ASME to millions of email addresses. A very aggresive SPAM.
They advertize first the HOTEL and the HOTEL Rates. This is unacceptable for a scientific conference.
They did not have peer review process, but review only on the Abstract. This is practically an unrefereed conference. ASME is well known society of Mechanical Engineers, but the ASME Conferences are held only for money. They are junk conferences. Many sites and many blogs protest for the bogus and fake ASME conferences. Why does ASME send this aggressive Spam? Why don't they make peer review in the papers? Why don't they have quality control for their conferences? Why many sites and numerous blogs tag ASME conferences as fake and bogus? 

This is the ASME Fake, Commercial , Bogus and Tourist Conference's SPAM. With Red Fonts our own comments:

Register now for the 2013 ASME [Fake and Bogus] IMECE!To register and for complete registration information click here
Don't miss out on special hotel rates for IMECE attendees!
Make your hotel reservations at the Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego now, which is also the site of the conference!
Reserve here for your special rate

Join us at this year's ASME [Fake and Bogus] International Mechanical Engineering Congress; the theme  is Advanced  Manufacturing. The Congress will focus  on today's technical challenges, research updates and breakthrough innovations that are shaping the future of engineering. The Congress convenes nearly 4,000 engineers, scientists and technologists of all disciplines from around the world. 

Conference highlights include 3,300 technical papers/presentations scheduled among 18 tracks on 245 topics; poster sessions; technical tours and guest tours; 3 featured presentations with engineering thought leaders; student design competition; undergraduate research and design exposition; Honors Assembly; Advanced Manufacturing Impact Forum; and more than 25 exhibitors.

[Fake and Bogus] HIGHLIGHTS

Monday, 11/18
Opening Keynote: "Advanced Manufacturing: Engaging the Nation and World to Achieve Economic Prosperity."
Moderator: Thomas G. Loughlin, ASME Executive Director
Pradeep K. Khosla, University of California, San Diego
Michael F. Molnar, National Institute of Standards & Technology
Greg M. Morris, GE Aviation
Richard Morris, BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC.
Learn more about this event 
Congress-wide Plenary Sessions
Tuesday, 11/19
Congress-wide Plenary: " Making Things Matters: The Critical Role of Production Ecosystems to an Innovation Economy"
Martin A. Schmidt, MIT

Wednesday, 11/20
Congress-wide Plenary: "The Future of 3D Printing: The Promise and Peril of a Machine That Can Make (Almost) Anything"
Hod Lipson, Cornell University

Thursday, 11/21
Congress-wide Plenary:  "Exploring Mars with Curiosity"  Louise Jandura, JPL and CalTech

Learn more about these sessions

REGISTER NOW for the ASME 2013 Congress

To sponsor or exhibit, contact Joyce Ginsburg at or phone 1.773.456.2153
 [Fake and Bogus]

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  1. You are right. ASME Conferences are really fake and bogus garbage-meetings.
    By the way, I received also SPAM from some guy Philippe Geril.
    He has his own mini-market of conferences: EUROSIS.
    What does it mean EUROSIS? It seems to bogus and fake. In the past Philippe Geril was the european representative of another fake/bogus "association" , the so called SCS
    Now, Philippe Geril sent me SPAM
    for a quite bogus conference.
    Philippe Geril does not have any academic address. Philippe Geril
    is a not Professor or Scholar in some recognized university. It looks like an academic criminal.

    Gerils' spam follows:

    23-25, 2013 - FINAL PROGRAMME------------

    Dear Colleague,

    I have the pleasure to inform you that you can now download
    the ESM'2013 final programme from the links below (1,2MB) in pdf format:
    and from

    See the conference website for more information:


    [ ]

    "The European Multidisciplinary Society for Modelling and Simulation

    Philippe Geril
    Greenbridge science Park
    Ghent University - Ostend Campus
    Wetenschapspark 1, Plassendale 1
    B-8400 Ostend
    Tel: +
    Fax: +32.59.255339

    * Your Scientific information site on *
    * Computer Simulation - Concurrent Engineering - Multimedia- Games *