Monday, 21 October 2013

Do the IEEE Fellows organize Fake Conferences? Fake Conference is inviting scholars to send the rejected papers from the other conferences.

Do the IEEE Fellows organize Fake Conferences?
We have never seen such academic fraud.
There are Fake Conferences organized by IEEE Fellows that invites scholars to send to them the rejected papers from the other conferences. Visit the web site of this conference and you will understand :
Is IEEE involved in this event?  Yes, because the Chairman of this bogus conference is IEEE Fellow
Prof. Veliko Milutinovic, Fellow IEEE

IEEE must retract the Fellow Degree Honor from this Charlatan Prof. Veliko Milutinovic, "Fellow IEEE"
Who is Fake and Bogus here, Milutinovic or IEEE? or both?


  1. For 2 months now, Prof. Vincenzo Piuri has been pestering us with his spam emails to be voted President of IEEE.
    For 2 months now, Prof. Vincenzo Piuri,, has been pestering us with his spam emails to be voted President of IEEE. He sent gazillions of spam emails regarding the IEEE elections, bombarding everyone under the sun, IEEE members or not, scientists or not. He even sent hard copy brochures to universities featuring photos of him smiling. After flooding everyone's inboxes for 2 months with all that spam, he managed to be elected 2014 IEEE Vice President-Elect for Technical Activities, and so now he's sending new spam thanking everyone who voted for him. So is this how IEEE elections work? With SPAM?

    Now he is once again sending spam indiscreetly, even to email addresses of taxi drivers, restaurants etc, thanking them for their vote. I wonder if this is what IEEE generally does regarding conferences, university professors selection, IEEE administration elections. You can find more about Vincenzo Piuri's pre IEEE election spaming in several blogs, which include some serious name-calling about him and IEEE, by googling the phrase: IEEE SPAM Vincenzo Piuri. Below, we are just showing his more recent spam, which is just one that followed a million spam bombardment:

    to: undisclosed recipients
    date: 23 October 2013 03:06
    subject: 2014 IEEE Vice President-Elect for Technical Activities

    Dear Colleague,

    I am happy to inform you that I have been elected as 2014 IEEE Vice-President-Elect for Technical Activities, who will become IEEE Vice-President for Technical Activities in 2015.

    I would like to thank all those who supported me in the petition and in the election: thank you!

    I look forward to serving our whole community and contributing to it in this new capacity. All together we can make the difference!

    If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to drop me a note. I welcome and value input from all of you.


  2. Do you agree that this IEEE Sponsored conference
    is quite bogus and completely fake

    I am sure that it is. Somebody must inform IEEE Headquarters for this crappy conference. Send email to IEEE Computer Society or make a phone call:
    Call +855.727.3632 or email

    Sincerely Yours


  3. Another rich and commercial professor with luxurious house, luxurious life etc is CARLOS BREBBIA.
    You can find several Fake Conferences of Carlos Brebbia on the web.
    Just google: Fake Conferences Carlos Brebbia

  4. WORLDCOMP: World’s Biggest Bogus Conference is Back Again

    An in-depth investigation on the world’s biggest fake conference, WORLDCOMP organized by the University of Georgia (USA) computer science Professor, Hamid Arabnia is available at the websites:


    The investigation concluded that Hamid Arabnia made TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars by cheating the researchers using the bogus conference WORLDCOMP. He run this scam for more than a decade, he accepted and published fake research papers, he brought “paid keynote speakers” as baits, his program committee members never reviewed papers, etc. The website(s) has open challenge to WORLDCOMP and Hamid Arabnia.

  5. I hope you know all the stories of fake conferences of IEEE and especially fake conferences of Hamid Arabnia. Google: Hamid Arabnia Fake Conference

    In many blogs you can find the information that Hamid Arabnia (well known guy for his fake conferences) organizes again a fake conference in 2014 with the support of IEEE. Actually Hamid Arabnia (Guru of Fake Conferences and champion of academic scam) have recently uploaded a dubious web site as a (bogus) organization "Americal Council on Science and Education" promising publications with IEEE Computer Society Press:

    In several places on the web you can find the conjuction of IEEE with the Fake Conferences of Hamid Arabnia. Many scholars have already sent emails to IEEE protesting for the unethical behaviour of Hamid Arabnia and for the new series of his bogus conferences under the bogus title "Americal Council on Science and Education" . However, it seems that IEEE prefers to receive the royalties (commission) from the new Hamid Arabnia's bogus conference rather than protecting the name and the reputation of IEEE (what reputation really?).

    Conclusion: Avoid any relation with this bogus organization "Americal Council on Science and Education" that the junk-Professor Hamid Arabnia has established recently. Do not serve in the committees of "Americal Council on Science and Education" bogus conferences. Do not send papers to his bogus conference. Send email to IEEE informing them about the involution of IEEE name in Hamid Arabnia new junk conferences within 2014. Send emails to blog owners and mailing lists moderators about new Arabnia's tricks and knavery.

    Remark: Actually "Americal Council on Science and Education" does not exist. It is just a contrivance of Arabnia after the fraud of World Academy of Science and WORLDCOMP (the world's biggest bogus conference: 2000 papers every year without scientific committees and without review). By the way, Hamid Arabnia added a list of some people as scientific committee in WORLDCOMP after 10 years as a reaction of the verious blog reports for his bogus conference. Google: Hamid Arabnia Fake Conferences or Hamid Arabnia Scandal or Hamid Arabnia Bogus Conferences or any appropriate keyword.

  6. I would like to report you an unacceptable conference of only 18 participants.
    One conference (with the Sponsorship of IEEE) had only 18 participants.
    It was this conference of the SDIWC conferences Series
    They did not upload the conference program in advance. I went to these conference and only 18 papers were presented.
    The academic community must boycott these bastards of SDIWC and must inform IEEE for being more carteful in its cooporations.
    Anyway, SDIWC conferences are only for vacations in exotic places from money of universities. I wonder why people don't know this trap of SDIWC. Please, help and forward this message to your colleagues. No other victims of SDIWC pleaseeeee!!!!

    1. The person behind SDIWC is Eyas el-qawasmeh of King saud university, Saudi Arabia. Some one should sue him and his society to stop these non-senses

  7. Nagib Callaos Conferences' are a threat for the academic community.
    Nagib Callaos Fake Conferences are again in front of us for 2014:

    Nagib Callaos a fake Professor is sending again every day a lot of spam:


    We would like to invite you to submit a contributing article to the 5th International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2014 (, to be held on March 4-7, 2014, in Orlando, Florida, USA. Best papers will also be published in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics (JSCI). All papers presented at the conference will be available to the authors in printed copies of the proceedings and their electronic version will be published on the Web.
    Submissions: November 25th, 2013
    Notifications to authors: January 13th, 2014
    Camera Ready: February 5th, 2014
    Collocated events being organized in the context of IMCIC 2014, with the same deadlines, are the following
    • The 5th International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2014
    • The 5th International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics: ICETI 2014
    • The 5th International Conference on Society and Information Technologies: ICSIT 2014
    • The 4th International Symposium on Integrating Research, Education, and Problem Solving: Summer IREPS 2014
    • The 3rd International Symposium on Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Communication: IDREC 2014
    A General CFP has been posted at in which you can find the Web site URLs of the above mentioned collocated events, and more details regarding this Call for Papers.


    My name is A.M.Clement: Jeffrey Beall is an impostor and academic criminal.
    I also thing that Jeffrey Beall is an impostor and academic criminal.

    a) I recently forwarded an email to him from this Publisher: Advanced Technology & Science (ATScience)
    Actually this publisher is spamming me everyday and promise rapid publication of my papers to its conferences and journals. Also, instead of conference proceedings, they push all the papers from the conferences to their journals which is unnaceptable.

    I told to Jeffrey Beall:
    "The problem is that they promise automatic publication in their journals, if you attend their conference. See this SPAM So, i believe that this: Advanced Technology & Science (ATScience) is a predatory publisher because of their aggressive spam and because of their promises for automatic publication of whatever to receive to their Journals"

    I sent real proofs to Jeffrey Beall!
    But Jeffrey Beall refused and still refuses to add to his black list.
    The reply of Jeffrey Beall was funny and ridiculous.

    "I understand. I think this case is borderline. I would like to monitor this publisher some more before making any decision. Please send me any additional information if possible.
    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Beall"

    Why? If some Publisher sould be in black list the Advanced Technology & Science (ATScience) must be from the beggining.

    I imagine then that Jeffrey Beall needs some time to make negotiations for his tariff (bribery) from (ATScience) . You can find in several blogs the offshore accounts of Jeffrey Beall in Belize and in some islands of Carribean Sea.

    If (ATScience) pays the necessary money, then Jeffrey Beall will not include it in his List of Predatory Publishers!

    b) A Journal with the title: Global Journal of Science, Engineering, and Technology and web site receives publication fees from the authors. 500 - 1000 USD.
    The Journal is quite wide, vast and we would expected to be in the List of Jeffrey Beall.
    I sent email to Jeffrey Beall about it and I astonished with the reply:

    "Dr. Clement,

    I just looked at the Global Journal of Science, Engineering, and Technology. I find the sound annoying, but I don't want to add this journal to my list at this time either. I found some small problems, but not enough to classify it as predatory.

    If you think I am mistaken, please let me know.


    Jeffrey Beall"

    I explained to Jeffrey Beall that according his own criteria, a journal that can publish everything from every science and every scientific field, with a publication fee 500 - 1000 USD must be predatory, because for the same reason, Jeffrey Beall classified as predatory publishers many other honest and legitimate pyblishers.

    Jeffrey Beall obviously received his kickback from the Global Journal of Science, Engineering, and Technology and did not clasify them as Predatory.

    What a Shame Jeffrey Beall! To destroy honest and legitimate publishers and to promote vanity press for revenue in your offshore accounts!

    I have all the emails (with headers, IP addresses etc)
    Send an email to me:

  9. The Second International Conference on Data Mining, Internet Computing, and Big Data (BigData2015) Mauritius

    Prof. Eyas El-Qawasmeh and Prof Sumithra devi. K. A
    Is Our Information Secure Enough?