Monday, 9 April 2012

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This fake IEEE conference
sends us SPAM everyday

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: peam2012 <>
Date: 7 April 2012 16:56
Subject: Last CFP: Paper Submission of PEAM2012 Extended to April 16

Reminder Notice

----- PEAM2012, Wuhan

The 2nd Power Engineering and Automation Conference (PEAM2012) will be held in

Wuhan, China. You are invited to submit papers in all areas of power engineering and


Paper submission due: April 16, 2012

Acceptance notification: April 26, 2012

Conference: Sep 14-16, 2012


The PEAM 2012 conference proceedings will be published by IEEE and submitted to IEEE Xplore and Ei Compendex databases for indexing. The PEAM conference proceedings (2011) has all been included in IEEE Xplore. Selected outstanding papers from PEAM2012 will be considered for publishing in relevant journals cited by SCI or Ei Indexed.

IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1273M-CDR

ISBN: 978-1-4577-1599-0


Power System Management

Power Transmission and Distribution

Smart Grid Technologies

Manufacturing Automation

Design Automation

Precision Automation

Information Automation

Biomedical Automation

Algorithm and Theory

Data analytics

Logistics and supply chain

Machine learning

Health care management

Intelligent Search


Thermal management

(For more, please click:

Paper Submission:



Tel: +86- 156 2908 5781

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Those fake IEEE conference of SCIRP

Incredible: New Scandals from IEEE. The Bogus SCIRP company is growing rapidly with the continuous support of IEEE.

SCIRP Company, well-known for its fake journals, fake conferences and its continuous and disturbing SPAM is growing rapidly with the ethical support of IEEE.
Read the breaking news in our site only:

First of all, SCIRP is a commercial fake company and you can find several eponymous denunciations against SCIRP. For instance:
Everyday, SCIRP send us emails inviting us to submit our papers to SCIRP journals and conferences. SCIRP is acommercial publishing house and has an absolutely money-oriented policy. Publications without review. Journal publications ("open-access") if and only if you are willing pay very high fees for their disreputable SCIRP journals. This is SCIRP.

On the other hand, IEEE plays a "theater" here. Α theater of the absurd.

According IEEE itself: IEEE removed 1100 Bogus Conference Proceedings from IEEEXpore (i.e. IEEE data base) (apparently they were fake IEEE conferences):
This is written, this is declared in the web server and not in a dubious blog, not in strange email.

So, it is an additional confession of IEEE. This time this confession does not include 1 or 2 bogus papers, but 1100 bogus conferences! Outrageous!

Among these fake conferences of 2009, 2010, 2011 that IEEEXplore erased are all the SCIRP conferences with the seal of IEEE.

On the other hand, IEEE continues selling its name and its logo to conferences of SCIRP of 2012 whereas IEEE removed the Proceedings ofIEEE/SCIRP conferences from its data base (2011, 2010, 2009), because they contained fake, bogus, academically toxic papers.

These are the new incredible Scandals of IEEE and its grimy collaboration with SCIRP.

Indeed, the Bogus SCIRP company is growing rapidly with the continuous support of IEEE
What is the game and the role of IEEE for this imoral development.
Can IEEE explain?

Please, forward this information to everybody with reference to our blog

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SPAM for fake journals and fake conferences from the fake organization SCIRP.

SPAM for fake journals and fake conferences from the fake organization SCIRP.
SCIRP uses the name of IEEE in its bogus conferences. For its open-access fake journal they require a lot of money as registration fees. IEEE removed the SCIRP conference proceedings from IEEExplore but they are in collaboration (IEEE and SCIRP) in several conferences of 2012

This is their SPAM:


You are invited to submit a manuscript to the Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA, ISSN: 1945-3124), a fast track peer-reviewed and open access academic journal.

The JSEA journal has published 309 papers in 33 issues. As it is an open access journal, researchers around the world were able to freely download our papers online without a subscription. Currently the downloads of the JSEA papers exceed 202354, or 655downloads/paper.

The Editorial Board of JSEA consists of distinguished scientists from around the world, to view a list of the journal's editors please visit .

Manuscripts should be submitted to JSEA at the above website. When a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will undergo typesetting and reference validation in order to provide the highest publication quality possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Alline Xiao

Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
Scientific Research Publishing
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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"IEEE needs resellers -- SPAM email from"

From the blog:

IEEE needs resellers -- SPAM email from

SPAM email from


Thank you for your query and for providing me with the completed proposal form. I represent a publishing group called the IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing services.
There is another IEEE department, named Conference Publications, that acts to enable IEEE to acquire conference content and legally distribute it, which includes inclusion into the IEEE Xplore digital library. This group provides an overview of Conference Organizer's responsibilities at:

To be able to be acquired, the conference must be in some part sponsored (see: )
by one of the IEEE entities, usually one of the IEEE technical societies. A list of the societies with a description of each is provided at: Securing IEEE sponsorship is your first step to enable us to provide you with publishing services.

I have attached a quick guide that provides an overview of the IEEE conference publishing process. Once ICSES 2011 has completed the IEEE Conference Information Schedule (available at: ), I will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate and tentative work schedule.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards


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Monday, 2 April 2012

4 new denouncements for fake (scam) IEEE conferences and IEEE bogus activities. Be aware for the IEEE. conferences that are fake in their entirety

4 new denouncements for fake (scam) IEEE conferences and IEEE bogus activities. Be aware for the IEEE. conferences that are fake in their entirety

a) IMPRESSIVE: A big scam: FAKE IEEE JOURNALS. Not all the IEEE journals are good; there are also IEEE fake Transactions published by IEEE itself

An unbelievably big number of issues of IEEE Transactions host IEEE Conference
Proceedings as they are. These "papers" are not extended papers of some papers published in an IEEE Conference. They are the papers of the conference.
They are the plain conference proceedings wrapped as IEEE Journals.
This is the biggest IEEE scandal of all epochs
In some other cases, we have found many IEEE journal publications, masquerading as conference proceedings, jamborees, and suchlike, but they are publications, and they do overlap with other publications to the extent that many should be retracted.
It seems that in that world you can get 2-for-1 publications. Just pay the fee!
Copy and past any of the publication codes individually below into the journal box in this site:

Set the "which" box to "both".

Press the "search" button.

Each time you will generate a list of highly overlapping publications.


If you write to IEEE it is a wild-goose chase and they do nothing.

b) From Professor Chang:
In some cases, IEEE stops the conferences at the end of the 1st day. The IEEE conference organizers do not want to spend money for the Hotel Services

"I have been in an IEEE Conference in Shanghai (China). The conference fees were 400 USD. I received a USB memory stick as conference proceedings and a small book of Abstracts. The Proceedings were mediocre. I had two papers accepted without review. This was not a surprize because I know that all the IEEE (junk) conferences, especially in Asia, are without essential review. The very big bad surprize, however, was that the IEEE organizers closed the conference at the end of the first day!!!!

They told me that the 2nd and 3rd day are dedicated to excursions (??!!)
I had the "bad luck" to arrive in the Hotel early in the morning of the 2nd day. I met the organizers and they told me that "in an attempt to minimize the cost (conference rooms rentals, coffee-break, lunches, banquet etc...)", they have hired the Hotel services only for one day. With much sarcasm, they asked me: "Hey! You received IEEE conference proceedings and two publications with IEEE name for your CV, plus publication in IEEExplore data base. Aren't they enough for you for the 400+200 USD that you paid (200 USD was for my second paper).
So, this IEEE conference had in the title of the Proceedings three days, but it was only one day, because they did not want to pay the conference rooms, coffee-breaks, possible lunches, hours for the secretariat ladies, dinner(s) for the second and third day.

I did not find any SCIgen paper in this memory stick, but I am sure that this was eventual. In many IEEE fake, junk, conferences (yes, I consider the conference that I participated as fake and bogus, because they closed the Hotel in the 2nd and 3rd day), the memory sticks or the CDs do contain SCIgen fake papers, really.

Yes, the numerous IEEE conference proceedings contain SCIgen fake papers. They produce junk proceedings.
I was so mad with this situation of this junk conference in Shangai. I threated them and I promised to send an email to IEEE. I did send email to IEEE. The worse thing is that the IEEE gave them again the authorization to run 6 (SIX) IEEE conferences in 2012 in China. Of course, they will be fake, bogus, scam conferences.
So, IEEE is aware of this situation but IEEE closes its eyes. You understand the reason.
Money, money, money (part of the conference fees) are so strong that can unlock every door and the door of IEEE is always open like a BROTHEL's door".

c) The evinced that the IEEE MED Conferences is a pure SCAM. Fake IEEE MED conferences

These conferences are organized by the "Mediterranean Control Association"
However, this "Association" is a Company based in USA by a Greek Professor.
We sent them two papers describing the equipment of our laboratory.
We copied the manual of Inverted Pendulum and we got the acceptance letter after
some days. So, for sure include in your fake conferences list the
Fake IEEE MED conferences

Unfortunately, our commentor was right.
We checked it and we found that this "Mediterranean Control Association" is a company registered in United States of America
Check it yourself:
and not in Mediterranean as they claim.
After sending emails to several previous participants, we got a reply:

I have sent them papers twice. They had been accepted without any modification and without any review comments. Our registration fees were sent to the company MCA in USA and not to any non-profit club in some Mediterranean Country. At that time, we did not wonder why. The conference services were poor in both times and most of the sessions were empty or completely cancelled.

However, the beaches and the swimming pools were full of "IEEE MED" delegates.
Maybe, controlists are inspired in their pioneer ideas in the sea or in the swimming pool, especially if they are any (semi-)naked women around.

We have also noticed that they called their conferences as "IEEE Conferences" in the previous years, while they were only technically co-sponsored by IEEE.

This year, 2012, they follow lower profile. So, they do not call their Conference "20th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation"
but only "20th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation".

We have heard that they had serious problems with IEEE Head Quarters, most probably because their conferences had published several junk papers.

Interesting! isn't it?

d) 3 days ago a guy from IEEE invited me to participate in their (fake?) IEEE conference.
I sent them this email

"Apologies, I am on holidays in that period."

and I was astonished getting from these IEEE organizers this answer by email

"Never mind, IEEE MED 2012 conference is the best summer holidays for you and your family"

I did understand that this IEEE conference is bogus event, but "very serious meetings" for finding ....babes in the beaches and swimming pools!
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