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IASTED Fake Conferences finished their bogus activities. No IASTED conference will be organized in 2015 and 2016 while the Fake WASET Conferences continue

IASTED Fake Conferences finished their bogus activities. No IASTED conference will be organized in 2015 and 2016 while the Fake WASET Conferences continue. IASTED really closed their bogus and fake activities:

On the other hand the Fake WASET Conferences continue. Many other fake conferences are also organized by ACM, SIAM, AIP, Hindawi, SPRINGER, Elsevier, WorldScientific and IEEE. When we started the campaign against Fake, Bogus, Criminal ACM, SIAM, AIP, Hindawi, SPRINGER, Elsevier, WorldScientific and IEEE the academic community was really completely innocent. 

Attention: Hindawi, SPRINGER, Elsevier, WorldScientific do not organize conference, but they publish (as Publishers) the volumes of thousand of fake conferences per year for some monery without checking the quality of their publication. Our blog (which is the number 1 in google search of fake conferences) consider  Hindawi, SPRINGER, Elsevier, WorldScientific as Fake and Bogus publishers along with IEEE, ACM, AIP, IARIA and other fake/bogus publisher.

It was Cyril Labbe who indentified 120 SCIgen Fake Papers published in IEEEXplore (IEEE Digital Library) and preserved there for over than 5 years:

WASET Conferences, a scourge of our academic civilization, have been announced until 2027

Who will be alive and who not from their bogus Scientific Committees in 2027? Have they really invited all the members of their committees until 2027?

Obviously these conferences are SCAM

It is very good of us to point out the issue.

There are plenty of links warning about WASET (a simple Google search- WASET/scam).

"I am very sorry for those who have had their money stolen; and it is a shame the authorities are near-useless at overcoming international scammers" (Stephen Gay, Australia)

another scholar says:
 "I have really appreciated your blog about the WASET conferences. By the end of 2011 I got really interested in one conference that took place (or not?) one year ago at a very exotic (and thus attractive, not in the sense of Venice, but more adventurous) place, Ulan-Ude, Russia. But then the web site ( was very incomplete, the organizing company from another area, and the registration expensive (US$ 1200), and I gave it up because it looked too dangerously to be a scam. I still don't know if it was a scam or actually a good conference, but today the organizer's web site looks as it has not been updated for at least one year. It is annoying to think that we could fall for it, but is very good to be aware."
Reiner Neumann, DSc, CETEM, Brazil

"yes indeed i also got an acceptance letter after 2 days without any reviews! thank you very much for this website i'll cancel and withdraw my paper i had worked on it for 5 months
this is a no no publication to WASET "

In another comment we found this

It is a warning to young researches who are anxious to attend conferences and present their work. i have followed the WASET website for the last two years and got suspicious about the conferences. Is it possible to organise conferences on more than 10 areas simultaneously in the same hotel? Later,in one of the blogs ,I read the experiences of a scholar who attended the conference. I think there is a need to expose the activities of WASET .Hope more people will share their experiences and expose WASET conference activities.
It's interesting that the organisers have nothing to say in their defence, even though I brought this blog to their attention over 2 weeks ago.
I did receive exactly the same invitation letter for my paper on government, election and corruption from WASET August 14-15 Venice, Italy. I have asked further questions on hotels,conference fee and rundown panels. It has been more than month I did nt get any answer. As I was wondering, I found your post as a caution. Thank you very much for sharing this information

while in another one Omar Hassane will say

I have also attended a WASET conference in Dubai and got the idea quickly. If your paper is worthy DO NOT waste it by publishing it on WASET journals. They are not professional journals neither the conferences have anything to do with science. Anyone can publish anything in WASET. No reviews... When I sent an article for publication, it has been accepted the next day without any comments!!! SO if you want just to publish... WASET may help you but if you are a researcher with a worthy background and a professional, just don't look at WASET.
n8 December 2013 at 12:08 did any one attend the conference anywhere? I have a conference at Paris on dec 30-31 2013. I am hesitant to pay and travel and then find nothing over there.
can anyone help?

Omar Hassanein8 December 2013 at 12:09 did u actually go to the conference?
can you tell me more about it? Amanda Wills9 December 2013 at 11:20 Omar, A few people here have commented that they have attended WASET conferences, see Christos's comment above and Hector's below. It seems that the conferences DO run, but that they are very low quality and include a lot of papers which are of no relevance to your subject. Tahani Farah13 February 2014 at 22:37

Hello, I have a Waset conference in Istanbul on 17-18 February, and I'm hesitant, because I doubt that it is a scam, the problem that the members of WASET gives us an address of hotel saying that this event will take place there, whereas members of the hotel say that this is not the case!
Last year I attended a WASET conference in London, it surprised me how fast I got my paper accepted but I wasn´t suspecting any fraud, however, when I attend the conference I was very disappointed, I arrive on time for registration and there was only one person starting to unpack some materials for the conference (there wasn´t any signal regarding the conference in the hotel), when the conferences started I was very surprised as they were about a wide range of topics (the conference was about sustainable agriculture), all in all it was a very unpleasant experience for me as it was only the second time I presented a paper in an international conference and I put a lot of effort (and money) on it.
Héctor Sandoval

Google: IEEE Fake Conferences, 
Google: WASET Fake Conferences, 
Google: ACM Fake Conferences, 
Google: SIAM Fake Conferences, 

Some comments against WASET Fake and Bogus Conferences
Few days before, I attended WASET conference in Barcelona. I felt guilty of my self my wasting my important paper for it. Its broad. no a very small room, people are presenting. I don't know why I submitted it...There were around 50 papers accepted. (probably all submitted papers) Just a half day sessions... Researchers-from Japan


I sent a paper to WASET in 2011, which they published in issue 80 of the year. However, I cannot locate the article again in their website presently. It is amazing because I did not pay a dime for the publication. Could it be a scam?

I'm not sure that they are a scam as such, more that they are just extremely low quality conferences and journals. Ok, if you fancy a bit of academic tourism, but no good if you are hoping to further your career. That's just my opinion though :)

Oh no.. I just came across your website and I am attending a WASET conference in Malaga later on 28-29 November. I hope all goes well. This is bad... I spent so much time writing the paper and so much money to register and fly there. :(

Could you let us know how it goes in Malaga? I think it's helpful to hear from people who have actually attended these conferences. I hope it goes well for you...

The conference did go on but it is definitely of low quality. There were only 4 papers submitted for the conference that I registered for and only 2 presenters turned up. The conference hotel was also changed at the last minute. The administrator for the conference was also dubious. He claimed that he is a professor but refused to provide any name cards or official email address.


That's sounds awful. Thanks for coming back and sharing this with us and I'm so sorry to hear that your hard work was not rewarded by attending a good conference.


I am also one of those who felt chearted by WASET. they are definitely low quality confrences, poor organization, conference rooms packed - they are small. In Paris in June we had to walk across the street to get our lunch as s result all the afternoon sessions were late and poorly attended. they are only good for academic tourists!


We register for a WASET conference, but until the last minute, they send us an email to say that they have not revieve our registration fees. I contact the hotel where the conference must take place they say that they have not informations about this event. We was confused and decide to give up. It's an adventure to go to a country and you are not sure that the conference will take place or not.


I have been wondering if WASET is a real thing. I was looking at the Chemical and Material Engineering conference however got a bit confuse why there are many similar conference in each year in different countries. I am so glad to read this comment. Thanks so much for exposing the scam.


Does anyone know how I could remove my paper from the WASET website? the conference is in two days, i did not pay the registration fees and i would like to withdraw my paper should i contact them telling them i will not attend?


I would contact them and ask them to remove your paper, although I wouldn't be surprised if you don't hear back! Mary Anne


I just posted elsewhere in the blogosphere re: my concerns that this very morning I was told by WASET that I am NOT presenting afterall at the May 16/17 "conference" in Amsterdam for "International Nursing Informatics Conference" which didn't feel right from the start. My three papers were accepted very quickly, if memory serves, not enough time elapsed to give it a proper review. I only learned this this very morning (Saturday April 26th) and despite what I and the credit card company say--there WAS clearance/authorization to charge the very expensive meeting registration to my credit card (about $900 U. S. money), WASET says I am not registered so cannot present. Upset earlier today that my time and effort and hopes were invested, I seem to be quickly changing to disappointment that I was 'taken' mixed with gratitude that it isn't too late for me to cut some losses on the travel arrangements for this, my working vacation, cancelling Amsterdam altogether and continuing instead to use my precious time off for my attached real vacation with family in Ireland. Anyone, should I cut my losses/forgetting about Amsterdam and WASET because its' either totally fake or of poor quality? I am senior in my field of nursing administration here at home and an identified scholar with a satisfactory set of publications and scholarly work which I can continue another way-will find different homes for my this what I should do?


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. As to what to do, if I were you, I would cut my losses, unless I particularly wanted a holiday in Amsterdam! From what others have said, even if the conference goes ahead, it would seem that the programmes are very random and I doubt it would be of much use to you professionally. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your holiday in Ireland!


It seems that WASET aren't the only events to watch out for. There's an interesting article on Australian Mining about Australian Industry and Lifestyle Exhibitions consistently postponing their mining exhibitions:


I Have decided to continue to Amsterdam for a more pure vacation experience as the fees to make changes for flights are unreasonable. I, of course, will not be presenting (I did not pay a registration fee) but had I not figured this out two days ago (that WASET is a scam!), I would have shown up at the appointed time and place in Amsterdam, trying to insist, if you will, that I should be allowed to present...and pay at the the WASET site indicates you could. I, of course, would pay with credit card which is where the revelation seems to occur for some: that you canNOT pay by credit card at all (people would have a recourse) and the bloggers here indicate that they were taken (some anyway) by wiring money (I assume no/little recourse for the individual). It has been suggested to me that I show up at the conference to 'take names' perhaps try to register for the conference, see what happens. Maybe report to hotel management and/or local police. Trouble is, I suspect all will say no crime per se, just poor quality, questionable business practices and low integrity. I am not beyond showing up to learn ....because I will be in town and its just a cab ride away. The meeting notice as of today 4.28 indicates there are 134 presenters in about 3 diff exhibit halls which seems like a pretty large crowd. The conference is at: NH Naarden Hotel IJsselmeerweg 3 1411 AA Naarden The Netherlands I plan to call in the morning to engage them in discussion. I do not intend to make it my life's work to bring these people to justice; but i am motivated enough to explore writing for publication on the matter of "predatory open-access publishing" or "predatory scholarship" which are the terms I recently learned, since Saturday. Who has a suggestion for me if I go to the hotel? Talk to the 'organizer'/gather evidence? Talk to the other attendees...others on this blog indicate some of the meetings simply don't 'go' while some get moved to a different venue? I have internet access while away, I leave Friday. If I do write for publication, are my keywords ok as per just above?


 I am in a WASET conference held in Copenhagen right now. I admit that acdemically it is not a very high quality conference. In this session there are presentations in different subjects but all categorized under social sciences and humanities .


Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain on the quality of the conference that I have attended recently in Istanbul. Overall for me, this was the worst conference that I have ever joined since becoming an academician. Poor management on tentative and facilities have caused a lot of problem during the program. On top of that, the participants are pooled from wide different background and being registered under different conference name. Therefore, the discussion become more general and presenters need to clarify the topics in details which not supposed to be. It is undeniable that this is the low quality profit based conference organizer and attempts to easily extract the money from the conference fees. In return, the participants attended poor quality program and being given cheap printed proceeding and pouch. I am distributing this information to all colleagues and friends to ban any program organized by WASET. Thank you


I have both attended WASET one conference, submitted and published an abstract and paper there, and have reviewed several papers for them this spring. It is true that the conference was small, held in several rooms with several tracks, but the people who attended had done real work, some of it rather good, and they tended to be from countries that have historically had a difficult time publishing in western journals. I have published in "good"mainstream journals before myself also. It is a peer reviewed system, they have many of these conferences and it is possible to go and just have a vacation in an interesting place. However, for my purposes, I wanted to publish within my first year in a new place, starting from scratch, and WASET enabled me to do that. I also met junior scholars who were learning how to present and publish and who got good feedback on their work at this conference. They did feed us within the conference with hearty lunches, and at the end also took us to lunch at a decent restaurant that was NOT a chain (this conference was in NYC, which I know well from living and working there, and the restaurant was one that had an "A" from the NYC Board of Health, and, one that even though it is in a touristy part of town near Penn Station, was very acceptable) for further conversation. Our host was a long time professor in one of the local NYC universities. The persons who reviewed my abstract were polite, and persistent, and they did make comments (and I had to change the format repeatedly to get it into the online system). I realized when I went to the conference that it was because the booklet contained full papers, and you are meant to submit papers that are camera ready for review and commentary because once they are accepted they apparently go into the conference booklet, which then counts as a publication. While I will grant that WASET conferences are not like the big professional science conferences that many of you may have gone to they have a definite niche, and serve a purpose. I would not be so quick to denigrate what they do - everyone needs to start somewhere, and some people might be a bit overwhelmed going to IEEE, or AAAS, or ACSB, or any of a number of larger, professional conferences with a bit less hand holding. And, you do get your work out there - since I can remember publishing at a time when little cards from people all over the world would arrive requesting a copy of your paper (which was exciting ! But, took a long time from submission to publication) the WASETs of the world can serve a purpose that is helpful.


I am a PhD student and, unfortunately, my collegue and I have been victim of this fake conference. We were looking for a conference about vaccines and vaccination and we decided to join the ICVV 2014 in Rome, the "International Conference of Vaccines and Vaccination" organized by Waset. When the congress program was available (only less than one week before the conference) we noticed that the list of abstracts and posters did not reflect the topics we were interested in and that were promoted in the flyer on Waset website. We tried many times to ask an explanation but, obviously, they didn't answered (the only way to contact them is by mail). After that we looked up for other conferences organized by Waset in the same period and city. What we noticed was that there were many conferences with different names and topics planned on the same day and at the same place of the ours. Unfortunately, we have wasted money that we would have wanted to put in our education.


I have attended a WASET 'conference'. I believe the organisers are fraudulent in their advertising of the event. The same 'conference' is advertised under several different scientific specialities, ranging from remote sensing, to genetic and molecular engineering, business, statistics etc. so people applying to attend or present are lead to believe that the conference is in their specialist field and the audience will be a collection of their peers. What actually happens is that all these specialities are clumped into the same conference!! And you are lucky if you get even one talk on the subject of the conference you actually applied for. You are given a certificate of attendance stating that you have participated in a conference about a certain subject. This is blatantly false. I did not present. Those that did present, I thought had good quality research. However I am concerned that if state in their CV's that they have presented at a WASET conference or had their work published in the WASET journal, it could be detrimental to their careers. The organisation was well below what I have experienced in every other conference I have attended. The computer provided did not work, presentations that were sent to be downloaded to the website were not there, and the number of speakers far outweighed the time allocated for them to speak.


Thank you all for bringing up the WASET "conferences"! As PhD student, I found an interesting conference coming in London, sent an abstract and got it "peer reviewed" in 3 days. The acceptance email came from -address and I became suspicious. I googled WASET, and one of the first pages I found was this blog. Thanks to you, I withdraw my abstract and send it to another conference organized by well-known international association.


 Hello there, thank God I googled and stumbled upon this blog. I had sent my paper to Waset Conf scheduled on feb 2015 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and had been accepted within a week. But was a bit confusing when I received no reviews, that is obviously weird. I was planning to go, but recently stumbled upon a list of journals and publishers that are banned from Ministry of Higher Education in my country, and Waset happens to be one of them! Then i googled and this entry confirms it. Tq. How do we withdraw our paper from the conf?


Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. DeLinn, I don't know how you withdraw a paper, I have had no success in contacting the organisers myself. Maybe just email them and tell them you are withdrawing it and then consider it withdrawn and submit it somewhere else?


My experience is more positive but ... I attended the ICLL 2014 (language learning) in Oslo. We were lucky - the conference was held in the announced hotel (we booked accommodation in another, cheaper hotel), papers were published in the International journal of social, management, economics and business engineering - but probably this is an online journal WITHOUT ISSN or ISBN.


It's sad that many researchers are tricked into giving money to fraudsters... Since you mention the International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN) in the article, here is an announcement made by the European Neural Network Society (ENNS) about the fake conference with the same acronym "organized" by Waset:

 I just attended the WASET conference today in Venice. It is a completely fake conference. There were 41 seats in a hotel room. In total fewer than 15 people attended., and the topics presented are not in the same area at all. The organisation only intends to cheat people to pay. The key issue for people who have suffered from the fake conferences is to let WASET fall.


WASET announced that the conference is on 13-14 November 2014 in Venice. However, the so-called "conference" is located in Mestre, which is a sober and dirty town nearby Venice. Very dishonest and completely miss-leading! The only goal of the organisor is to cheat people, as many as possible, in order to get higher profit. WASET does not care about any content of the conference. Is there any possibility to sue WASET?


I submitted a paper to WASET conference in London 28-29/2014 and the review I received only recommended to change format to their template, nothing factual! Given the fact the paper contained numerous mistakes (as reviewers from an impacted non-WASET journal remarked), I wonder if somebody reviews it for WASET at all...for 450 EUR, supposed to be in a mediocre hotel in Wembley, this is clearly not worth the money, so I didnt pay. Michal


I am very sad with what I have just read... I was accepted to the conference in London on January 19th-20th in 2015. I was going to pay my fee right now when I found the blog and discovered WASET is fake! I have no words to say how sorry I am. I had worked on my paper for months! Has anyone heard about the London Conference in 2015? Thank you for the warning...


Although my article was accepted by the Waset within 2 days after submitting, I did not pay the fee and participate in the conference, because I read this blog. Thank you very much everyone. But, I visited the venue to check the situation in Thailand on 18th - 19th December. The Waset's international conference was held at the small floor of Amari Hotel, in which there was no guide plate and flag with conference name in the hotel including the floor. Therefore it was difficult for me to find the conference hall and reception. Finally, I confirmed the conference with a receptionist. There were several participants in the floor in front of the reception, but they went to somewhere without participation in the ongoing session. Actually, I took some photos. This was first time for me to see the conference without any notice board in the venue.


I really appreciate all you guys for sharing such useful experiences, I decided to participate WASET conference to be held in San Fransisco on Jun 2015 and was a little suspicious to the committee members as all were working on completely irrelevant fields, then I searched and found this page, this is really beneficial for every researcher, thanks



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Fake Journals send spam claiming that their Journals are in ISI. The real BLACK list of Journals must always have the fake publishers: Hindawi, INSTICC, WASET, Elsevier, AIP, IARIA, IMACS, David PC, IADIS, John Wiley and Sons, OMICS, SIAM and ACM. See the reasons below.

Fake Journals send spam claiming that their Journals are in ISI
Enjoy their funny (but also dangerous) SPAM. They use to cheat many innocent scholars. Block the fake journals by using our real BLACK LIST:


Dear Author/Researcher/PG Scholar,
International Impact Factor: 1.5
Invites you to submit your research paper for publishing in Volume 2, Issue 5 (May - 2015).
Subject Category:  Cover all branches of Engineering, Technology and Science.
Important Dates:
·Paper Submission:   20 May 2015
·Review Replay (Acceptance/Rejection) Notification: Within 02 Days after submitting paper.
·Published Online on: 21 May 2015
Publication Charges:
Rs 1500/- Paper/Article
Rs 300/- Author for Hard Copy of Certificate.
$50 Author out of India 
Submission Procedure:
Manuscripts are invited in MS Word format and to be submitted via mail on, (or), (or)
Please note that Review Papers/Articles are also acceptable. 
Once a paper is accepted, authors are assumed to cede copyrights of the paper over to IJISET. All papers will be acknowledged and referred.

Each full text paper (.doc) along with the corresponding signed copyright transfer form should be submitted by Email: 
For any Query,  contact at:
If you receive the acceptance letter, after you are sending the copy right form and payment form your paper will be published in our journal immediately even before the date of submission.
With Thanks & Regards,
Editor in Chief
 International Journal of Innovative Science Engineering and Technology (IJISET) is a scholarly, online international journal which aims to Publishes peer reviewed original research  oriented Survey papers in the fields of Engineering, Basic and Applied Sciences and Promote Innovative Technology. This journal intends to be of interest and utility to researchers and practitioners in the academic, industrial and governmental sectors. All original research contributions of significant value in all areas of engineering discipline are welcome.
IJISET is steered by a distinguished Board of Directors, Researchers, Engineers and Academicians and is supported by an international review board consisting of prominent individuals representing many well-known Universities, Colleges, and Corporate World. 

The real Black list of Excessively Predatory Publishers

The real Black list of Excessively Predatory Publishers: Fake (no real review) andBrigandish (high publication fees) Publishers :





AIP (American Inst of Physics): 

John Wiley and Sons



SCIENCEPG (Science Publishing Group)





David Publishing Company





IIIS (Nagib Callaos)





Biomed Central

BIT Life Conferences

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Wikipedia has now a complete report for FAKE IEEE Conferences. Bogus IEEE Conferences. Scam IEEE Conferences.

Wikipedia has now a complete report for FAKE IEEE Conferences.
A 2013 scientometrics paper demonstrated that at least 85 SCIgen papers have been published by IEEE and Springer.[18] Over 120 SCIgen papers were removed according to this research.[19]
More Details
Bogus IEEE Conferences. Scam IEEE Conferences.

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Mathgen paper accepted. Fake paper accepted in SCIRP, ENGII Fake Publisher

Mathgen paper accepted. Fake paper accepted in SCIRP, ENGII Fake Publisher

I’m pleased to announce that Mathgen has had its first randomly-generated paper accepted by a reputable journal!

On August 3, 2012, a certain Professor Marcie Rathke of the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople submitted a very interesting article to Advances in Pure Mathematics, one of the many fine journals put out by Scientific Research Publishing. (Your inbox and/or spam trap very likely contains useful information about their publications at this very moment!) This mathematical tour de force was entitled “Independent, Negative, Canonically Turing Arrows of Equations and Problems in Applied Formal PDE”, and I quote here its intriguing abstract:
Let ρ=A. Is it possible to extend isomorphisms? We show that D is stochastically orthogonal and trivially affine. In [10], the main result was the construction of p-Cardano, compactly Erdős, Weyl functions. This could shed important light on a conjecture of Conway-d’Alembert.
The full text was kindly provided by the author and is available as PDF.
After a remarkable turnaround time of only 10 days, on August 13, 2012, the editors were pleased to inform Professor Rathke that her submission had been accepted for publication. I reproduce here (with Professor Rathke’s kind permission) the notification, which includes the anonymous referee’s report.

Dear Author,
Thank you for your contribution to the Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM). We are pleased to inform you that your manuscript:
ID : 5300285
TITLE : Independent, negative, canonically Turing arrows of equations and problems in applied formal PDE
AUTHORS :Marcie Rathke
has been accepted. Congratulations!
Anyway, the manuscript has some flaws are required to be revised :
(1) For the abstract, I consider that the author can’t introduce the main idea and work of this topic specifically. We can’t catch the main thought from this abstract. So I suggest that the author can reorganize the descriptions and give the keywords of this paper.
(2) In this paper, we may find that there are so many mathematical expressions and notations. But the author doesn’t give any introduction for them. I consider that for these new expressions and notations, the author can indicate the factual meanings of them.
(3) In part 2, the author gives the main results. On theorem 2.4, I consider that the author should give the corresponding proof.
(4) Also, for proposition 3.3 and 3.4, the author has better to show the specific proving processes.
(5) The format of this paper is not very standard. Please follow the format requirements of this journal strictly.
Please revised your paper  and send it to us as soon as possible.
The author has asked me to include her responses to the referee’s comments:
  1. The referee’s objection is well taken; indeed, the abstract has not the slightest thing to do with the content of the paper.
  2. The paper certainly does contain a plethora of mathematical notation, but it is to be hoped that readers with the appropriate background can infer its meaning (or lack thereof) from context.
  3. It is indeed customary for a mathematical paper to contain a proof of its main result. This omission admittedly represents a slight flaw in the manuscript.
  4. The author believes the proofs given for the referenced propositions are entirely sufficient [they read, respectively, “This is obvious” and “This is clear”]. However, she respects the referee’s opinion and would consider adding a few additional details.
  5. On this point the author must strenuously object. The LATEXformatting of the manuscript is perfectly standard and in accordance with generally accepted practice. The same cannot be said of APM’s required template, which uses Microsoft Word [!].
Professor Rathke is pleased that the referee nevertheless recommends the paper be accepted, since clearly these minor differences of opinion in no way affect the paper’s overall validity and significance.
However, in spite of this good news, there is a mundane difficulty which will apparently prevent the article’s publication. As an open access journal, APM naturally imposes a “processing charge” on its authors, which for this paper would amount to US$500.00. Unfortunately, due to recent budgetary constraints at the U. of S.N.D. at H., Professor Rathke finds that her research funds are insufficient to meet this expense. It therefore appears that APM’s estimable readership, and the mathematical community at large, will sadly be deprived of seeing the fruits of Professor Rathke’s labor in print.

More Opinions for WASET fake conferences.

More Opinions for WASET fake conferences.

Muzaffar Baas April 22, 2014 at 6:57 PM  
I m a researcher from Pakistan, I recently got to know about the WASET conferences being a scam, i had submitted my abstract and as predicted got accepted in no time!!! Now, i have filed my visa, and its just too late. I have not yet paid for the conference registration fee. I have filed a visa stating I have a conference to attend.

I would love to hear more from you guys, and do let me know how I can get out of this now. Since, the WASET org is a scam. What should I do now?

Anonymous May 14, 2014 at 1:25 PM
I submitted my full paper to this WASET and paid the fee. I wanted to book a room in the hotel which is also the venue of their conference in copenhagen. Surprisingly , this is the reply of conference department of the hotel :this conference is not booked here at Scandic Front. their venue is fake.

Anonymous June 16, 2014 at 10:27 PM 
Money paid for 17847 articles is roughly 9 million euro, out of records. Around 1.000 of them are of Turkish academics ; most of them have been sent to him after Canakkale University (Turkey) fired him (Feb 2004) due to fraud just after 1.5 years he started to work in a university , without any academic and engineering qualifications - background , since he is a secondary school teacher,

FAKE Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil sometimes introduces himself as if he were from Azerbaijan, and had a PhD from National Academy of Aviation (Baku - Azerbaijan) ; Azerbaijan is 1 o a few countres he had never been. But WASET has lots of clients from Azerbaijan, some of which are Azerbaijan Science Academy members including father-in-law of the President who has aroun 10 WASET articles. They rarely in Turkey for years. Almost every week there are FAKE WASET conferences in different countries. They are there. Sometime in the same time there are FAKE WASET conferences in 3 different countries. While travelling the world from tens of conferences in a country to tens of in another country Ebru Ardil had an msc diploma (Trakya University - Turkey, computer engineering, 2009) then become a phd student, Bora Ardil had an msc diploma (Okan University - Turkey, computer engineering, 2013) then become a phd student, Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil has an e-mba diploma (Beykent University - Turkey) then become a phd student. How could these be possible !?.... Guess the answer !.... These are not distance learning or online diplomas (except 1 : e-mba).. AnonymousJune 19, 2014 at 8:11 PM Some of the physical addresses of WASET (2003 - ....) : First one : Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Computer Engineering Department, Canakkale - Turkey. Second one (after university fired him (Feb 2004) due to fraud) : A PO Box, Canakkale - Turkey Last one - 2 : A PO Box, Dubai - United Arab Emirates Last one - 1 : A PO Box, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico - USA Last one (spring 2014 - ....) : A PO Box, Riverside - Connecticut - USA

If someone wants , s/he can easily finds faults of WASET by just looking at - PO box address , - owners of WASET - web site - bank accounts etc. If someone goes to WASET conferences it is impossible NOT to see the faults there. If someone spends his/her money to attend a conference (500 euro + travel etc which sums up to 3.000 euro which is very much for poor countries), s/he checks all these details NOT to be cheated and lost his/her money. When university pays most of them skip these checks and prefer NOT to care any fault and jump to a free exotic holiday. So owners of 17847 articles prefer to hide facts - documents - photos of their experiences with WASET.
No WASET conferences in Turkey between 2005 - mid 2013 , since they were suspicious. They regularly restarted to visit Turkey in mid 2013 , since they feel as lords here. If you visit recent conference program pages of WASET, you will see 1.000+ articles in conferences in around 30 countries in 3-4 months (June .. August .. September 2014). 1.000 articles = 500.000 hot cache euro. AnonymousJune 26, 2014 at 7:57 AM i submitted my research paper yesterday and then came to know it is a fake conference.i am so tensed there is no delete option of paper please help me out what should i do now.its my effort my whole work. Reply

Anonymous June 26, 2014 at 9:25 AM
Well, I send them message and asked to withdraw and now status about my paper is shown as withdraw and rejected but my uploaded paper is still there. tell me what should i do now? Anonymous I'm glad I checked google and stumbled on your blogpost and others before putting together an abstract due this week for a Waset genetics conference in Osaka (since I'm working in japan atm). I can't believe scam conferences exist, I guess I'm too naive!
Things that raised flags during the past weeks while I was considering going to the conference: -I asked them 2 separate questions about abstracts and deadlines, and I got the same response (cut and paste) -I looked at conference proceedings for a Waset genetics conference in Oslo and presentations are not even related to the field ( -I asked my supervisor and 2 other colleagues if they had ever heard of this international conference, and they had no idea -The same Genetics and molecular biology is held in 2 consecutive months in 2 'neighboring' cities in Japan: October in Osaka and November in Kyoto

Anonymous August 20, 2014 at 6:13 AM
They also use my name without my permission as conference committee

Anonymous August 26, 2014 at 6:54 AM
i agree completely. fake conference waste of money, just back from Turkey Aug 2014 where there ere 9 presentations from all disciplines and no peer review or anything substantive.

Anonymous September 11, 2014 at 9:12 AM
 I attended the conference here in singapore and truly all your post are correct. It was a poorly managed conference and no professionalism at all. I was surprised that they give the certificates and the reciept of the payment at thw registration desk. And whats even surprising is that i havent paid the 500 euro registration yet. I entered the conference room and it was too small for a conference. It doesnt fit 50 people. From that i realized that this conference is really after the money. I waited for my turn presented my paper but did not pay the fee. Afterall, i spend money to fly and look for accomodation. My question is are they going to hunt me and ask for my payment?

Sara September 16, 2014 at 8:53 AM
I am a PhD student and, unfortunately, my collegue and I have been victim of this fake conference. We were looking for a conference about vaccines and vaccination and we decided to join the ICVV 2014 in Rome, the "International Conference of Vaccines and Vaccination" organized by Waset. When the congress program was available (only less than one week before the conference) we noticed that the list of abstracts and posters did not reflect the topics we were interested in and that were promoted in the flyer on Waset website. We tried many times to ask an explanation but, obviously, they didn't answered (the only way to contact them is by mail). After that we looked up for other conferences organized by Waset in the same period and city. What we noticed was that there were many conferences with different names and topics planned on the same day and at the same place of the ours. Unfortunately, we have wasted money that we would have wanted to put in our education.

Anonymous September 28, 2014 at 3:18 PM
Same story.

They have used names of around 100.000 academics worldwide for years without permission. Lots of them were aware of this, but they preferred NOT to take any action against this. Why ? Answer of this question will help to explain "yearslong" frauds of Ardil family.
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I would like to alert H-Islamart members to the activities of, an organization that purports to organize academic conferences on a remarkably broad range of subjects. Discussion of these conferences and concerns about the organization's practices can be found on the following pages :

.... (-* LINKS *-)

In particular, my own name was included, without my knowledge or permission, as a member of a WASET scientific committee on the following webpage until my request for it to be removed was honored yesterday.

.... (-* LINK *-)

I have no affiliations with this organization, nor have I ever had any affiliation with them.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Ma'en Omoush
Assistant Professor of Medieval Islamic Archaeology.
Head of the Department of Archaeology.
Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology.
Yarmouk University- Jordan

* AnonymousOctober 5, 2014 at 4:39 AM
Announcement by by Cadi Ayyad University - Marrakech - Morocco

Moreover it is in 2 languages : Fr - Eng.
It has extra importance as the 1st one by a university on its web site against WASET fraud.

For years none of the universities in Turkey has done this in spite of lots of warnings sent to them.
Moreover they have sent hundreds of academics to WASET fake conferences ;
they have sent 500.000+ eurosto international bank accounts of fraudster Ardil family.
None of these academics has told his/her WASET fake conference story yet.
Some of these academics have gone to WASET fake conferences several tens of times and
traveled the world with fraudster Ardil family.

Actualités de l'UCA
Communiqué / Mise en garde
Publié le 20-05-2014 sous RECHERCHE
L'université Cadi Ayyad informe l'ensemble des chercheurs et partenaires qu'un "faux" congrès international sur les ultrasoniques utilise le nom et la réputation de l'université à travers un membre chercheur (Pr. Ahmed Chitnalah, FSTG) sans autorisation écrite..

L'adresse Web du "Faux" congrès est

En plus, ce site Web n'indique pas la liste ou logos des partenaires organisateurs, comme il est coutume dans toute manifestation scientifique. Il n'y a non plus aucune adresse de contact.

De ce fait, l'UCA décline toute responsabilité vis-à-vis de ce congrès et met en garde de traiter avec ce genre d'acte.


Cadi Ayyad University inform all researchers and partners that a "FAKE" International Congress on Ultrasonics is using the name and the reputation of the university through a faculty member (Prof. Ahmed Chitnalah, FSTG) without written permission ..

The website link of the "FAKE" Congress is

In addition, this website does not indicate the list or logos of organizing partners, as is usual in any scientific event. Also, there is no contacts.

Cadi Ayyad University disclaims and warns of dealing with this conference.


Anonymous November 5, 2014 at 9:08 AM
First newspaper article in English about WASET : -----------------------------------------------



Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Published on: October 8, 2014
Last Updated: October 24, 2014 6:07 PM EST

Science fiction? Why the long-cherished peer-review system is under attack

Sefa Kaplan
Hurriyet , 12 December 2010
AnonymousNovember 25, 2014 at 11:10 PM
Announcement by European Neural Network Society

OCTOBER 30, 2014
We have noticed the existence of an organisation claiming to organise the ICANN 2015 conference without any authorization from the ENNS. The organisation, called WASET, has a long history of “organising” thousands of conferences every year with the aim of earning money with the registration fees. The ENNS declines any relation with the above mentioned organisation and discourages anybody from participating to their events. The legit homepage for the next ICANN will be announced on this homepage.


November 29, 2014 at 6:33 AM
Thank you very much for your useful information. I was considering attending a WASET conference!

Anonymous December 24, 2014 at 12:10 PM
I have sent my paper to waset Conference in Singapore in 2014 but has not paid the fee. However, my paper was published in one of its journal without paying any fee. Later, when I realised that Waset is a fake/scam organisation, I asked them to withdrew my paper. They replied that they could not removed the paper anymore because someone has already downloaded my paper. Due to this, I cannot publish my paper elsewhere. My dilemma is:

1-There is no ISSN number for the journal that my paper was published - i.e.International Journal of Social, Management, Economics and Business Engineering. Without the ISSN number, I cannot include my paper in my CV.
2-I don't have the email address of the person in charge of Waset to ask further questions. If you have, please let me know. AnonymousDecember 24, 2014 at 1:43 PM WASET conferences are fake and garbage. They publish fake SCIgen papers easily. Try yourself to send them bogus SCIgen texts. Do not send anything to WASET bastards. They are criminals and money hungry thugs.

Anonymous December 26, 2014 at 10:40 PM
Although my article was accepted by the Waset within 2 days after submitting, I did not pay the fee and participate in the conference, because I read several website including this page. Thank you very much everyone. But, I visited the venue to check the situation in Thailand on 18th - 19th December.

The Waset's "international conference" was held at the small floor of Amari Hotel, in which there was no guide plate and flag with conference name in the hotel including the floor. Therefore it was difficult for me to find the conference hall and reception. It was like Intentionally hidden meeting.

Finally, I confirmed the conference with a receptionist. There were several participants in the floor in front of the reception, but they went to somewhere without participation in the ongoing session.

This was first time for me to see the conference without any notice board in the venue.

Anonymous January 21, 2015 at 5:36 AM
Hi. I am a faculty member, trained from the US in engineering science and presently based outside US for about five years. I understand that the honesty we expect in US is often not found elsewhere, but we should not discredit good things happening elsewhere. I respect the views of Adam but do not agree with him or majority of people in this thread. We are scholars/researchers and should not use our personal prejudice or hatred to malign an organization. WASET organization and WASET conferences are not fake, at least in my experience. They may be a small budget organizers from a non-Western country, their conferences may be prolific (which I do object) and low-profile, but their events are legitimate and do take place. Peer review may be a bit lax (which is true for most foreign journals/conferences), but it does take place (they do similar fuss like IEEE and you have to format your paper as per an IEEE template) and papers are published. They are similar to IEEE (in my recent experience of attending an IEEE conference I had worst experience than WASET, my paper has not been published till date!). I attended a WASET conference a few years ago and submitted paper for another one recently, no money was stolen ever (maybe in some case it might have been lost I am sorry to learn that, but no one else has ever said that), there was a legitimate conference at a reasonably well-reputed hotel in a developed country, proceedings were published (in fact I picked up from the venue their previous proceeding booklets and they had some valuable papers to add to my knowledge. I discovered that the WASET publishers have been a well-reputed publishing house for many many years (more than 70 volumes are published and indexed by ISI), their current administration may have been working on commercial basis, but the academy is a legitimate organization and the group is not dishonest). HS, PhD

Anonymous March 22, 2015 at 11:27 PM
Announcement by University of Toronto
Fake Conference Advertisement
It has come to our attention that a false event (ICCSET) has been advertised as taking place at Chestnut Residence on June 15 and 16, 2015. A notice about this scam advisory has been placed on Chestnut’s Official Website at this link.
The website in question,, appears to be fake, although very elaborate in nature. The scam targets academics internationally, gathering papers, fees, registration information, and potentially other personal information.
ITS has identified 86 more websites hosted on the same IP address, and they all appear to be associated with academics in one fashion or another. At this time, it is unclear if all the aforementioned websites are malicious in nature.
What can you do about this? ITS asks all IT professionals to please inform faculty about this (and similar) scams. Although this scam does not appear to be new, it does not seem to have the visibility amongst its potential victims that it should.


Anonymous April 21, 2015 at 4:39 PM
My friend recommended a conference to apply and while I was trying to attend a WASET conference, I suddenly decide to search about it. Why I did it, I dont know but I think I am a good person and god kept me :) I searched about WASET and found many comments like yours on web. Thank you but I have one question. I sent them my abstract paper, thanks God I didnot send the full paper but how I can get back my abstract. They wrote me on the program. I want them to delete my information.